WARNING: Watch out for counterfeit Twelve South products.

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2018 04:20PM EDT

Beware of counterfeit Twelve South products. 
The awesome reviews our customers have given us have unfortunately caught the eye of counterfeiters. Now these unscrupulous people are making knockoffs of our products and selling them as original Twelve South items. We’re battling the greedy counterfeit world as best we can, but in the meantime, here are three tips to help you ensure you’re buying a genuine Twelve South product.

1. Buy directly from TwelveSouth.com, and you are guaranteed to get 100% authentic, beautifully designed Twelve South accessories, packed with care.

2. Shop our authorized resellers, like the Apple Store. Click here for a list of additional authorized resellers, a.k.a. people we trust to sell our products.

3. Avoid online discount sites. We don’t sell to them, so they should not have any of our legitimate products to sell to you. If a price being charged by an unauthorized retailer seems too good to be true, it is probably a counterfeit.  NOTE about eBay: A product purchased directly from the Twelve South Official Store on eBay will be authentic, however it will not come with a warranty.  Other eBay sellers are not authorized, and the authenticity of their products is questionable.

Why buy the real deal? Twelve South is small company of perfectionists and our products are our babies. Every millimeter, color shade and sliver of silicone matters on the accessories we make. After all, we create accessories for the best computers in the world – Apple. You know they wouldn’t settle for imperfections, and neither should you.

Products purchased directly from Twelve South or through our authorized resellers also include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Counterfeit products and/or those which are not purchased from an authorized reseller are not covered by this warranty.

The purchase of counterfeits, knowingly or unknowingly, can cause problems with TSA if you travel.  For further information about this, please check out this article from Lifehacker.com (click here).

Counterfeits can be very convincing. The counterfeiters use our product design, name, logo, packaging, descriptions, and even our photography with the express intent of tricking unsuspecting customers into purchasing an inferior quality product. If you suspect or spot a counterfeit Twelve South product, please drop us a note at support@twelvesouth.com.
Note: Be careful purchasing from marketplace sites online.                       
The Amazon marketplace is rife with counterfeiters. To be guaranteed an authentic Twelve South product from the Amazon marketplace, it must be SOLD BY Amazon, Twelve South, or one of our other authorized resellers. All other products displaying the Twelve South name, sold by unauthorized resellers through Amazon or "fulfilled by Amazon," run the risk of being counterfeit.  If a reseller is not specifically listed on our Where To Buy page, the product is not covered by our warranty. 

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